Dutch-English Machine Translation

Trasy™ is a Dutch-English machine translation system. Machine translation programs are computer programs which can translate written text from one language into another without human intervention.  They don’t just translate word for word and can often give a fair idea of what a document is about.  Our Dutch-English translation software does well on technical documents for which it has been prepared, or “trained”.  It has been used in the Netherlands for nearly two decades to translate technical documents in the fields of aerospace, chemistry, defence, rail transport, and telecommunications. This Dutch-English translation software has helped organisations like DSM, Philips, Siemens and the Dutch Foreign Ministry handle huge translation projects against very tight deadlines.  The software was used extensively to assist non-Dutch engineers working on the HSL-Zuid project (the construction of the high-speed rail link between Amsterdam and Paris).

We are now making the benefits of our Dutch-English machine translation software available to governments, industry and the wider public through a variety of services ranging from free online translation to full service machine translation.