Term Jotter – glossary management tool


Term Jotter is a glossary management tool. It enables the user to store terms and their translations (and explanations) in almost any language or script.  Glossaries can be exported to the international TBX format or to the CSV format, which can be imported into Excel.


Product Description

Term Jotter is a glossary management tool. It’s designed to store terms for quick reference in any
language or script. An ideal product for interpreters in the booth! We’d all love to keep everything in our head – the Japanese word for a gantry crane,  the Indonesian equivalent of a specific Malay term – but most of us can’t. Term Jotter’s here to provide a handy record of the terminology you may need for a particular task.  You get ample space to include definitions, descriptions or explanations of terms and can search the Web for the meaning of terms or phrases without leaving the app. If you need to exchange terminology with colleagues or clients you can export all your glossaries to the international standard TBX format. The main elements of your glossary (term, translation and subject field) are also exported to the convenient CSV format, which can be imported into Excel.  If you need to save a word list in Excel, save it as a Tab Delimited file (*.TSV) and import it into Term Jotter where you can add further details to your record.


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