memoQ Neural MT plugin (monthly subscription)



Product Description

DutchPalQ is a plug-in for the memoQ translation memory application (2015) developed for MyDutchPal Ltd by translator/developer Jon Olds MITI. It connects Dutch-English/English-Dutch translators to our latest neural machine translation servers without any need for them to leave  their familiar memoQ working environment.
These servers link with an intermediate server to combine the latest neural network technology with terminology resources and a set of sound linguistic rules which turbocharge the neural translation performance.

Translators can use this product to fill in the gaps in their translation memories. They can either pretranslate the entire document, which they can then post-edit, or can view and accept (or reject) suggestions from the neural machine translation system on a segment by segment basis. The translator thus remains in full control of the quality of the final translated document at all times.

This product is supplied on a subscription basis. The monthly subscription is €20, but an annual subscription of €200 is available.
Multi-seat and long-term subscriptions are available by negotiation.


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