Language Technology Consultancy

Terence Lewis has been involved in language technology for over 30 years. As a translation company owner in the mid-80’s he spearheaded the introduction of technology into the translation process. He used fax machines to send documents to and receive work from translators based thousands of miles away. He was one of the first translators to transmit text between two PC’s linked via a telephone line, and was even found sending an urgent translation from a public phone box via an acoustic coupler!

In 1994 he created his very first Dutch-English Machine Translation program to handle repetitive chemical engineering documents produced by his then client DSM Research. A simple series of rules implemented via macros, it became the basis of the hybrid Dutch-English Machine Translation program that MyDutchPal uses today to meet the needs of global companies like Siemens.

Over the years MyDutchPal has focused on combining its Dutch-English Machine Translation program with other language technologies, principally Translation Memory technologies. This has led to a collaboration with translator/developer Jon Olds to produce plug-ins for the SDL Studio and the memoQ translation memory programs used by professional translators the world over.

But at MyDutchPal we don’t just offer state-of-the-art Dutch-English machine translation services. We provide a wide range of language technology consultancy services. Whether you want to build your own machine translation system or implement a localization process with off-the-shelf tools, our years of experience can help you make the right choice. We have the knowledge to enable you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with global customers.

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