Turnkey Machine Translation

Terence Lewis, the creator of the original Trasy™ Dutch-English translation software, has been involved in machine translation for over 20 years. He has provided machine translation services to DSM Research, Siemens Nederland, Philips and the Dutch Foreign Ministry.  His program was used to translate much of the documentation for the HSL-Zuid, one of the largest infrastructure projects in modern Dutch history. Having built his Dutch-English machine translation system using a traditional rule-based approach, Terence was one of the first MT suppliers to combine machine translation with the twin technology “translation memory”. Our current Neural Machine Translation service is a sign of Terence’s commitment to keeping abreast with the latest developments in language technology.

Our “Turnkey MT service” reflects Terence’s years of experience in providing industrial customers with the benefits of evolving language technology. Our Turnkey MT Service is Dutch-English/English-Dutch machine translation with human involvement. This can take the following forms:

    • input of specialist terminology provided by customer
    • terminology research
    • customization of our neural machine translation engine
    • quick sanity check of machine-translated text
    • professional post-editing of machine translation

To discuss your neural machine translation requirements, please contact support@mydutchpal.com.