Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s actually installed on my PC?
TrasyCloudBox is a small application that connects you to our translation server where your text is translated and sent back to you.

2. Is my PC connected to the Internet when TrasyCloudBox is running? No. You connect directly to our server ONLY when you click the “Translate” button, otherwise you’re not connected to the outside world via our application.

3. Is there a limit on how much text I can translate in a year?
No, your annual licence fee of 95 euros entitles you to use the server as many times as you like in the year. However, you are limited to 500 words per “click”, although there is no limit on the number of separate translation requests you can make in any given period.  If you wish to use our translation servers for a large translation project, please contact for information on our professional machine translation service.

4. How can I input text in the “cloud box”?
You can type, paste or drag your Dutch text in the cloud box. If you are a Dutch speaker who wants to translate something into English you can also dictate your Dutch text.

5. Can I translate formatted text?
You can input text from a Word document or a web page but Trasy will only translate the text. If you have a formatted document with lots of graphics please contact for information on our professional machine translation service.

6. Does your translation server keep a record of my text?
No, each translation request is destroyed immediately after the translation is sent back to you. That means the translation service is 100% confidential.

7. Can I add new words & phrases to the translation server?
You can’t put these directly into the server but please send any words and phrases you want to add to the system to and we will enter them in our database of words and phrases.

8. Why do I need the Java Runtime Environment?
TrasyCloudBox has been written in the Java programming language. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) provides the library of routines and commands needed for the program to run properly. We bundle a Java Runtime Environment with our application. If you would like to receive TrasyCloudBox without the bundled JRE please contact

9 Will TrasyCloudBox run under Windows 10?
The program has been tested runs under MS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows and Windows 10.  Windows 10 users will need to position the app usefully alongside the file containing the Dutch text using the “Snap” feature.  If you want a Linux version of the program please contact