Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are my glossaries stored?
A: All glossaries created by term Jotter are stored in the Glossaries directory. This will be created directly under the “Users”
directory. In Windows 10 the path to the glossaries is typically: “C:Users\<user_name>\Glossaries\<glossary_name>”

Q: The Glossaries directory contains files with the extensions *.TBX and *.CSV. What are these?
A: TBX defines an XML format for the exchange of terminology data, and is “an industry standard for terminology exchange. Terminology in this format can be imported into most other terminology management tools. Files saved in the “CSV” (Comma Separated Value) format contain a shorter form of the terminological record, namely source language, target language and subject field. They can be imported directly into Excel and other spreadsheets.

Q: How do I edit a term?
A: Select the required glossary. Search for the term using the “Find term” button. Edit the term, then click outside the term cell.
End the process by clicking update. At the end of the editing session save & close the glossary.