A piece of history

Trasy™ is the name devised for our Dutch-English machine translation software by a member of the press office at Siemens Nederland. That's where the software was developed by veteran translator Terence Lewis, working as an outside contractor.

Rudolf Meier was the far-sighted head of corporate translations who encouraged Terence to take what until then had been a chain of clever macros and build it into a fully-fledged program. That was back in 1995 when ruled based machine translation was the name of the game. And, for a while, Trasy was the only game in town as far as Dutch-English machine translation was concerned.

For nearly two decades Trasy was used to provide draft English translations for major projects implemented by engineers of Siemens Nederland. In particular, it generated technical translations for the team involved in the high-speed rail link HSL-Zuid, the biggest infrastructure project in modern Dutch history.

In 2015, Terence set up MyDutchPal Ltd with the specific aim of making his translation software more widely available. By then, of course, much had happened on the MT scene. Rule-based Machine Translation had given away to Statistical Machine Translation as the state of the art, and that is itself now being challenged by Neutral Machine Translation. Google and Microsoft have become major players in the field, offering dizzying combinations of languages.

MyDutchPal Ltd has decided to concentrate on Dutch-English machine translation. We are committed to developing our hybrid system (ruled based and statistically resourced) to generate English translations that are fit for purpose. Customers using our "full service" machine translation offering can send us their terminology and already translated documents and we'll adapt our machine translation "engine" to give them as "near-to-human" a translation as a piece of software can manage. From our free online machine translation facility to our "full service" provision we'll strive to offer you the best possible customer experience.

The Trasy Dutch-English machine translation experience is available to our customers via our free web client, the TrasyPro desktop client or professional plugins that connect to leading translation management systems.